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RED CONS GRUP is a company with extensive experience in the wood field. In 2004 we started our business with logging and sawmills, then, in 2010, we decided to turn wood into art, that is into wooden buildings. We are one of the few factories in Romania that will ensure the full route of the wood from the forest-sawmill-factory to your construction site.

The wood comes from the Eastern Carpathians, mainly fir/spruce, rarely pine. It is a wood that grows slowly, ajusted to the temperate area, with long, cold winters and hot summers. The promptness of our delivery is ensured through the continuity of the significant stocks of wood, manufactured in standard sizes. Due to our sawmills, any size of wood can be made available.

Over time, we have answered any challenge launched by our customers, and analyzed any application with maximum professionalism. Engineers, architects, traders, assembly teams, we are all ready to offer you the highest level of knowledge in the design, manufacture and installation of wooden buildings fields, across Europe.

Challenge us and we will prove ourselves!

Products and services

RED CONS GRUP offers a wide range of products and services in the wood field. Our sawmills from Hangu, Neamt county can deliver you:
– timber and beams in standard sizes:
– 24 x 100, 125, 165 x3.000 and 4000 mm
– 48 x 110, 165, 215 x 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 mm
– 75 x 125, 165 x 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 mm
– 100 x 100, 165, 200 × 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 mm
– 125 x 125, 165, 200 x 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 mm
– other sizes of timber and beams according to your orders.

The main activity of our factory, located near the town of Piatra-Neamt, is the production of elements for wooden houses, which will be transported to our customer’s construction site and assembled by our teams.

We build wooden structures: shopping centres, hotels, wooden houses, cottages, terraces, pergolas, arbours, fences, cages for animals and semi-finished elements and finished products: poles, rails, beams, arches, timber cladding, floors, etc., garden furniture and any other challenge the client may launch for us. All the wood used by us is treated with Bochemit, solution against insects and wood diseases.

Our houses meet the European standards RT2012, while we pay special attention to ecological materials, their efficiency on site, the water and air proof and the quality of the joinery. We are confident about the future and we intend to comply with the requirements established by the new norms RT 2020 which concern the passive houses. Our assembly teams recommend themselves by their vast experience and high quality of installation.
If the client already has the material, we can provide only the installation service. Also, we are able to renovate flats, houses, public and industrial buildings due to the expertise of our architects, engineers and assembly teams.

Do you wish to build something different from what we mentioned above?
No problem! Contact us and we will offer you our solution!

produse si servicii

Photo Gallery with our works

Here are some of our achievements, over the years, which we hope will inspire your choices. Remember, we are the solution for building your dream!

Go to Photo Gallery …

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You have not decided yet what you want to build?
We are here to offer you some suggestions, make proposals and why not …launch challenges. Browse, analyze and ask! Our team will provide all the information you need!

Standard Houses
They were created to meet our clients’ needs of various surfaces. We shall start from a 2 room house of 70 m2 to a 4 room house of 200 m2.
These plans may be altered according to the wishes and needs of every client.
You did not find what you are looking for? Suggest us another plan!

Various Projects
Our engineers never stop from their constant dynamics. They devise, study plans, cypher, to provide our clients the best solutions, both financially and constructively.
Browse and choose!